5 mistakes students do when writing their personal experience essay

Students make a very vast number of mistakes when they attempt to get a solid handle on their personal essay. However, if you can learn what those mistakes are then you do not have to repeat them for yourself. It would be a real shame if you made all the same mistakes that other students made since they can very easily be avoided. So here are the top 5 mistakes that a lot of students make when they are working on their personal essay project:

  1. Not enough time: not spending enough time on your project is going to be a disaster. An examiner can tell when a project appears to be rushed and they will not give the best marks to such a project. If you truly want a top grade then you’ll need to put in the correct amount of time to get that. It can be hard to understand what the correct amount of time to give a project is. As a rule of thumb work hard to get it finished and then give another few hours to fix mistakes.
  2. No facts: since students believe that they are working on a personal piece they neglect the fact that they need to also enter fact from research that must be completed. Therefore, do not make the mistake of entering no facts to go along with all of the personal info that you have entered.
  3. Copy another student: it makes no sense to copy the work of another student simply because this has to be a personal piece. Also you can get caught for copying work so do not do it under any circumstances. It will not be to your advantage and you’ll find that by doing so you are actually going to lose marks if the examiner finds out.
  4. Fail to proofread: once you have done the first draft you need to spend an hours or so going through the work very slowly to find mistakes. By doing this you can actually boost the grade of your work in such a way that you achieve a very good one. Do not be fooled into thinking that as soon as you complete the first draft you can hand it into the examiner. There are usually lingering mistakes that need to be fixed.
  5. Pick the wrong title: selecting the wrong title can make it very hard to get the work done in a constructive manner. It is only when you select an easy title to work on that you can have a lot of fun on a personal type project so do keep that in mind whilst you work on it.