Professional Recommendations on Writing a Research Essay Outline

A good outline makes essay writing easy. Since it acts as a guide, it will only play this role effectively if it is professionally written. It gives you a clear and hierarchical view of the complete paper. It also helps you to organize your thoughts and thus ensure effective concentration on the important points when writing. Here are expert recommendations that will make your outline effective.

  • Understand Your Topic
  • The nature of your outline will depend on the topic you are writing on and the instructions given by your tutor. A topic on research is likely to fall under expository or explanation categories of writing. It is only when you have understood what is required of you that you will capture it in your outline. You may consult your tutor to ascertain whether you have the right outline before embarking on writing.

  • Identify the Main Points
  • Each topic has the main points that will support your perspective. These main points must be listed in the outline. They will form the basis of your paragraphs or section when you embark on the writing process. As you generate the ideas, they do not pop up in the best order. This should not worry you. Consider this as a brainstorming phase where every idea is given a chance.

  • Find a Logical Order
  • A logical order is very important when writing a research essay. Once you have generated all the points you need to complete your paper, identify the strongest and most convincing for your arguments. These points should be used at the beginning. Further, ensure that you end with an equally convincing point that will leave a resounding impression. The order should make your work easier to follow.

  • Include Sufficient But Not Too Many Details
  • While the outline serves as a skeleton for your work, it should be clear and offer the details required to produce a convincing paper. Indicate references and supporting points that will be used to strengthen your points. Where possible, you may include book titles and pages.

  • Be Open to Changes
  • An outline is only meant to guide your writing process. When doing the actual writing, you might discover other points or a more appropriate order. Be ready to implement the changes even though they will alter your outline. The changes must not be fundamental unless you want to create a different paper from what you had envisioned.